"Beyond the Mists" © 2013 Julz Kirschenbaum

“Beyond the Mists” © 2013 Julz Kirschenbaum

May 25th marked the one year anniversary of my blogging adventure. I know this post is a bit late, but I spent that weekend in Niagara Falls. There were two reasons for the trip: I had always wanted to photograph the falls lit up at night, and recently I celebrated my five year anniversary with my boyfriend Joe.  This is important knowledge because this blog, my current work… none of it would have been possible without Joe (and not just because he has gifted me with most of my equipment).  When Joe and I met, I was still in that emotional rocky place I mentioned in my last post, and his support and belief in me helped me to see beyond the mist. For those you you who are getting romantic ideas that this was accomplished through sweet tender moments and hugs, well… you’re wrong. Joe gives lectures that would make most tenure professors green with envy, he is not an enabler, and has no problem informing me when I’m acting like a crazy person.  Oh, and we have the most ridiculous sort of fun when we are together 🙂 So here’s to many more years of blogging, art, fun, and laughter to come, because beyond the mists the future is bright.


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